Hi, I’m Penny, but you can call me Hope if you prefer. That seems to happen a fair amount & I don’t mind at all. Thank you for visiting my blog page ~ Hope found in M.E.

I’m a Christian faith, Hope and ME/CFS blogger and started this blog in 2016. I share on the many aspects of life with the Chronic Illness, ME/cfs. Through the changes it brings, the challenges, discovering hope, humour, creativity, and renewed faith.

The thread of my faith runs through out my blogsite, and is what really urged me to start writing. I also touch on my life pre-ill health, when memories present themselves.

I have had ME/cfs – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, since 2004, on the more severe end of the scale. I also have BTOS – Bilateral Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, & apparently am one in a million to have that joyous combination! That aside, I’m so pleased to have started writing.

You may be wondering why it’s taken me such a while to do this. It’s basically because of the effects ME/cfs has on my cognitive function and capacity. Due to this, my posts may not be extremely frequent.Β 

I use my own images in my own blog posts, unless stated otherwise. Β You can tell huh! 😏 It’s something I enjoy when I can. Finding joy in the detail and small things. Along with some other craft when I can manage.Β  If a post is a reblog from another persons blogsite the images are of course their own, I take no credit for them.Β 

I have added a more detailed account of my experience of ME/cfs. Prompted by a fellow blogger, who was unsure what ME/cfs stood for. It’s located in the Main Menu, entitledΒ My story with ME/cfs, along with my recent blog post What’s in a shoe?… #MillionsMissing.

There is no pressure to read them, but they are there should you wish to know a little more detail.

I hope you enjoy visiting here.

Thanks again for popping by.Β 

Hope found in M.E.🌸



I must point out that – The information in these blog pages in no way replaces the need to seek professional medical advice & attention in connection with the condition or symptoms mentioned or described. Thank you.


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