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You behind the illness…

#behindtheillness The idea is, to share a few fun facts about yourself unrelated to illness. Although I have sensed a crossover in my answers! Thanks so much to Emma from Not Just TiredΒ forΒ tagging me, very kind of you. And to Jen from Tripping through TreacleΒ for getting the #behindtheillness initiative going with the blogging community. So … Continue reading You behind the illness…

Permit ● I know a song about this ● Daily Prompt

Permit ● I know a song about this! I'm immediately reminded of a song I penned and used to sing when I was in a band called Loose Talk, many years ago. The song, written back in the 80's, was entitled 'The Pass'. The story behind it being a person, who had ended up on … Continue reading Permit ● I know a song about this ● Daily Prompt

#WhatsYourWord ● Part 2

#WhatsYourWord ● Part 2 I hadn't realised how helpful #WhatsYourWord was going to be. Ongoing discussions and debates in the ME/cfs world, concerning *GET & *CBT and the damage it can cause, have very recently severely disrupted & challenged my peace. And it has caught me off guard. Having taken years to reach a point … Continue reading #WhatsYourWord ● Part 2

I’ll Name That Tuuune..?

Hey! Do you have songs that just give you the edge? ... continuing a bit of theme here. Over the years of ME/cfs, many, many times I have relied on music to get me through. Both Worship & Secular music. And I still do. Particular songs may express how I'm feeling, when I can't put … Continue reading I’ll Name That Tuuune..?

What’s Your Word? Part 1

I try to have a word for the New Year as I don't always find resolutions very realistic, well for me anyway. So... Prompted by the WP Daily Prompt, thank you. Encouraged by the post by Melanie atΒ melaniespickett.comΒ ~Β 5 Ways to a Happy New Year. And the post by shepherdessfortheking.comΒ ~Β One Word for 2018. I settled on … Continue reading What’s Your Word? Part 1