Is Chronic illness Live Art..?

A fairly recent, very light-hearted, conversation prompted a thought. And as my readers will know, that’s not unusual for me.Β 

The conversation…

I had been chatting with one of my children & reflecting on their recent visit to Tate Modern in London. (No, I still haven’t reached the dizzy heights of London.) We discussed our general feelings on modern art & how it is interpreted, and how I often struggle to interpret it. I mentioned a news piece I’d seen recently, which explored an installation of elevated vacuum cleaners.

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Glide of fancy…

Hi from here! I’ve realised that I need to add a new category in my menu! Mmm….what is this exciting new category? ‘Adventure’. ‘Oh come on!’

I’m not talking about putting slices of orange in a salad here…I’m talking real adventure…outside! What?

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