Blogging link up, hang on, did I just say that…!!

Hi. Thanks so much for popping by. I’m thankful to have made a start into the blogging year, at the same time catching up with last year…hoorah! Oh yes, multi tasking. And here’s the thing…I took part in my first blogging link up! Eek!!

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Happy New Year


…from Hope found in M.E. to all my readers.


Hi! I know, aย little late as we rapidly approach February, but a Happy New Year to you all the same. I so appreciate you staying connected, as realise rather than it being all, go, go, go here at Hope found in M.E.ย & ‘hot off the’ press…the press has very probably cooled to an ice pack awaiting the next post. I know a joke about ‘long awaiteds’! Groan…coats being collected, tables nudged, drinks spilled, serenaded by slow hand clap….no wait! …inevitable reverb….ย 

Moving on. As I gradually adjust to 2017, I’m delighted to make a short post.

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