Sharing the love with the Leibster Award 2017

Leibster Award Logo

Leibster Award Logo

Hi from here. I know it’s been quite a few weeks. My cogs have needed some quiet time and I’m currently catching up with my notes & prayer journaling. But I’m getting back into the flow & will be continuing to cover a variety of topics as I can.

Before then, I’m so happy to share some surprise cheer this week. Thanks so much to Joy of joywilliams.comย for very kindly nominating me for the Leibster award. It made my day!

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What’s in a shoe?… #MillionsMissing

Hi. I’m reblogging a post from last year, relating to the #millionsmissing campaign. Why? Today is International M.E. Awareness Day, and this part of my contribution to help raise awareness. I also have blue fairy lights ready…and will be wearing blue, well once changed from my pj’s! Thanks for reading and please share. Thank you so much. #millionsmissing

Hope found in M.E.

Itโ€™s unusual for me to attempt a second post in one week, but there is a landmark day approaching for the ME/cfs communityโ€ฆvia those who are making incredible waves by their ingeniuity & grit..& who are extremely good at foghornsโ€ฆ September 27โ€ฆ when there will be a mass outpouring of shoes.ย I thought it only right and fair to post about it.

Itโ€™s known as #MillionsMissing.

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