A companion for life’s challenges…

A companion for life

Hi from here at Hope found in M.E.ย 

I’m so very delighted to write my first book review on my blog. The image above is the cover of the beautiful book, Hope and Help While You’re Healing – A woman’s guide toward wellness while recovering from injury, surgery or illnessย written by Christine Carter ofย TheMomCafe.com

Published a year ago through Ground Truth Press, this title arrived in my lap in late Spring 2017. Generously sent to me by Christine from across the Atlantic.

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M.E. …oh my

Let’s talk relationships…

It’s not unusual for Facebook, there’s a tag your friend type round robin going on called Love Your Spouse.ย I was recently tagged. Although it was fun and I was touched to be tagged (that’s a tongue twister), these things always raise questions for me about perfection. Am I showing enough fab holiday shots, super dinner dates, date nights & general cheer and fabulousness. I’ll be honest it unnerves me, as I scrabble through photos and wear myself out scanning the half decent ones…with a large side order of reminiscing. Our dating schedule is a bit thin these days.

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