The challenge that is Change…

The challenge that is change.

Hi, welcome and thanks for popping by. I’ve been compiling a post over the past few days, about experiences, faith and change, and have so enjoyed the process. IΒ hope you can manage a paragraph at a time, if reading is a struggle at the moment.

I didn’t think the Bluebells would flower again, but they have…

Back in time…

Not very long before I was dragged into the vortex of ME/cfs, I was living a full and fairly demanding life on one of the islands that make up Hong Kong.

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More than a shadow, more than a view… Part 2…

Β IMG_20160820_202623

Hello. I’m back again. I’m serenaded today by blustery August weather. The wind in the trees sounds almost like the sea. I’m picking up on the theme from my previous blog ‘More than a shadow, more than a view’ posted a few weeks ago…and how memories and past experiences have kept me going during long periods of bed rest, and in general, during the confines of this condition. And still do. But now I can share them…

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Alarms… & all that ‘malarky’

At last, in touch again. I know it’s been a while and apologies for that… Β Part 2 of ‘More than a shadow, more than a view’!….I’ll be posting it pretty soon.

I’m returning to this blog following a few weeks break. It’s good to be back…feeling slightly delerious. This blog post may seem a little disjointed, but hey it adds to the unexpected.

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