#WhatsYourWord ● Part 2

#WhatsYourWord ● Part 2

I hadn’t realised how helpful #WhatsYourWord was going to be.

Ongoing discussions and debates in the ME/cfs world, concerning *GET & *CBT and the damage it can cause, have very recently severely disrupted & challenged my peace. And it has caught me off guard. Having taken years to reach a point of being at peace with the whole *M.E. mess, I’ve been feeling a bit rattled.

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Marriage & Chronic illness…for richer, for poorer

Part I ~ For richer for poorer

One of the many facets of Marriage within Chronic illness.

During this year, with my husband, we celebrated 30 years of marriage. We didn’t anticipate the limitations now ever-present, we hadn’t even thought about that when we first married. We were young, naive, having fun (and learning about disagreement) and preoccupied with our life getting to know each other.

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