You behind the illness…


The idea is, to share a few fun facts about yourself unrelated to illness. Although I have sensed a crossover in my answers!

Thanks so much to Emma from Not Just Tiredย forย tagging me, very kind of you. And to Jen from Tripping through Treacleย for getting the #behindtheillness initiative going with the blogging community.

So here we go…

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Permit โ— I know a song about this โ— Daily Prompt

Permit โ— I know a song about this!

I’m immediately reminded of a song I penned and used to sing when I was in a band called Loose Talk, many years ago.

The song, written back in the 80’s, was entitled ‘The Pass’. The story behind it being a person, who had ended up on the wrong planet during space travel. And was not permitted to leave without their pass, which had been confiscated. For what reason is never ascertained in the song.

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